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Top 5 Design Tips For Mirrors

Hey Guys! Let's talk about mirrors. A mirror is my secrete weapon. Far from simply being something to check your face, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. Think beyond the bathroom and take a look at my top five design tips for using mirrors in your home.

1. You can use mirrors to enhance a room

Mirrors are an amazing way to deceive the eye. Awkward spaces, such as too small to fit a piece of furniture, can be repurposed with a mirror.

Did you know that mirrors are a brilliant way to boost the atmosphere in your entertaining space? Placing a large mirror against a wall can create the illusion that there are more guests at a gathering. :)

2. Use mirrors to double your space

Adding a mirror will double the space in an instant. Small spaces benefit from introducing a mirror: use a slim pier mirror to make a narrow hallway appear much longer.

When it comes to updating your interiors, place a mirror on your largest wall to reflect as much light as possible back into the room.

3. Make your mirror a window

For windowless rooms, the addition of a mirror makes it feel much brighter and more spacious.

4. How to use mirrors to brighten a room

To let the light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room. A mirror will reflect any daylight possible (no matter how gloomy the sky is outside) so the bigger the mirror, the brighter space will become. Mirrors effectively double up your light sources.

5.Choose different shaped mirrors

The right shaped mirror will optimize natural light flooding into a room (when positioned in the correct place). Don’t just stick to traditional rectangular mirrors. Consider the shape or style of your room and reflect that in the frame of your chosen mirror.

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog.

See you guys in the next one !!!!

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