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Spring Project: Patio Refresh

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well during this very disastrous time in the world. We must all encourage each other and continue to spread joy. "The world without joy isn't a world at all."

On to the fun, so I have a very simple patio refresh. This blog is to encourage people to get outside and start doing small projects. This is also for people in apartments that can't decide on what to do with their small patio space. " I got you, friends!"

This first picture is a great illustration of what most people's patio looks like after the winter season. ( Can we talk about the pollen on my table! )

Can someone find the personality, please!!!

I also wanted to refresh the top of my patio table. I think a new look all around is always fun and exciting. I am not a big fan of looking at the same things year after year, what about you guys?

I love the new color! I had to add two coats because the brown was such a strong color underneath.

Let's get to planting. I love a variety of flowers and plants in my garden. ( Yes there is a difference between plants and flowers :)) There is nothing like seeing tomatoes grow next to beautiful purple flowers, and don't forget you can eat them.

I can't wait to harvest my bell peppers, tomatoes, yellow and green peppers!! Let me know if you guys want me to send you any. :)

Who is that guy? I was ready for a nice glass of red wine out on the patio.

A full view of the entire patio completed I hope you guys liked my little patio refresh!!! Please stay safe and see you in the next one!!


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