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My Simple Apple Pie Recipe

Hey Guys !!! Homemade apple pie is a classic dessert that’s especially perfect for fall. But really, who wouldn’t love a slice of apple pie any time of year?

Let's start with the ingredients:

6-Medium Apples

2- Tablespoons of melted butter

1/4 cup- All-purpose Flour

3/4 cup- Sugar

1 Teaspoon- Apple pie seasoning

1- Pie Crust ( store-bought pie crust works great)


  1. Peel all the Apples

2. Cut the apples into eight pieces

3. Add all ingredients into one bowl

4. Mix everything well until evenly coated ( Example below).

5. Add one tablespoon of melted butter into one side of the apple pie crust

6. Add the other teaspoon of melted butter after you add the apples

7. Add the top crust

8. Press the sides together with a fork

9. Add Aluminum foil to the edges of the apple pie.

10. Place pie in the oven on 425

11 keep the foil around the edge for the first 30mins

12. Take the foil off for the last 25mins

Total cook time: 55mins

13. Eat!!!!

I hope you guys like the blog!!!! Let me know what you guys think!!


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