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My 38lb Weight loss diet: Meal Prep

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I can smell the thanksgiving cooking in the air, and I am so excited about it. Before we start our heavy eating, I wanted to bring you the diet plan that helped me lose 38 pounds. This Journey started a few months ago, with me only eating grilled or crockpot cooked meals. Then I moved into this more extreme meal prep style of eating. STOP! Diet alone won't get you to your goal weight. I went to the gym at least four times a week. I focused very heavily on strength training and a little cardio.

Standard Gym Day:

1. Working a core muscle in strength training. (Example Chest)

2. Yoga and stretching are very important for me

3. Abs workout is a daily challenge

4. 15min Run

Alright, let's start this meal prep!

Step 1: Take a nice picture for Instagram... Joking but not really

Step 2: Take a different angled picture for Instagram.

Also, Guys, I save so much money each week, so let's break down the cost.

-Chicken breast 7.79 ( This pack is for two weeks of meal prep)

-Broccoli 3 Dollars for (4) heads

-Brown rice .69cent a bag. (1 1/2 bags per week)

Step 3. Boling the rice can take up to 35mins

Step 4. Clean your chicken.

Step 5. Cut your chicken down the middle. This gives you 8 thin pieces, instead of 4 thick ones.

I love this seasoning.

Give the chicken a generous coating of seasoning.

Grill Baby Grill!

Add a little olive oil to the grill.

Step 6. Add Olive Oil to the broccoli.

Step 7. Put veggies on a rack and water at the bottom of the cooking sheet. ( This helps with steaming the veggies in the oven. Also added a little salt and pepper.

Step 8. Wrap and prepare for the oven.

Step 9. Drain Rice and add a little low sodium soy sauce for seasoning... NOT TOO MUCH!

Step 10. Chop chicken into cubes.

Step 11. Mix Rice and chicken evenly.

I usually make between 10 and 12 meals a week. One for lunch and one for dinner.


I didn't talk much about breakfast because I kept it very simple. One or two eggs, apple, banana.

Cheat Meal:

I get one cheat meal a week, and normally it's on Friday night or Sunday night.

Well Guys, Thanks for following my meal prep! Let me know if you all decided to try it out.

See you guys in the next one!


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