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Friendsgiving: A Vision Accomplished

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving has come and gone for me, but I'm excited to give a detailed look inside the mind of a hosting expert!


Trying to juggle hostess duties and kitchen responsibilities is the quickest way to give yourself a Thanksgiving meltdown. It all comes down to planning. If you don't want to lose your mind, make sure you set a timeline, from what day to order the meat and the flowers, to the day and time you are picking up the groceries, prepping the food, laying the table all the way to finalizing the finishing touches on dessert.


Honestly, if there is anything you can do for your table, it is having a great centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, and it pulls the whole table together. Whole Foods has beautiful flowers and if you just buy some greenery and one or two colorful flowers, it will go a long way.


Tableware can get pretty expensive, but there are places to splurge and places to save. You can save by buying simple white plates from Target or Ikea. They are inexpensive but still great quality. I have found that round white plates are the perfect neutral setting for any menu. They are traditional but still clean and modern looking.

Splurge on wine glasses. You don’t want to be drinking gorgeous

Caymus Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in cheap wine glasses! Consider the shape of the glass when buying, and make sure you have glassware options for both white and red wine. I noticed that Target does sell decent wine glasses.


With so many dishes, make sure there’s enough counter space to fit them all—especially if certain dishes, like gravy or mashed potatoes, need to be kept warm. If more space is needed, look into temporarily storing appliances such as coffeemakers and toasters in another room.


I love filling my dinner parties with a full night of activities. From the start to finish, you want your guests laughing and having a great time. That way, they’ll be sure to leave saying that your dinner parties are the best! Start with appetizers—a simple cheese plate is never a disappointment. Have a lighter wine with the appetizers.

During appetizer time, have anything you need to stick in the oven timed out so dinner will be ready in a reasonable time frame. Guests shouldn’t be made to wait longer than thirty to forty five minutes.

After dinner and dessert, I love playing a card or board game with my guests. Completely depending on your crowd, but I love a mean game on UNO..


More people in the house means going through basics like toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and soap more quickly. Shop ahead to make sure you won’t run out, and while you’re at the store, it’s not a bad idea to grab some paper plates and utensils for backup.

To-go containers are a must

Don’t let the leftovers go to waste! My friends walked away with 3 containers each...


There is nothing better than gathering your friends together for a fun night! Sit back and relax, and enjoy these moments with your friends around the dinner table!

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog!

See you in the next one!


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