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5 Creative Ways to Upcycle An Old Trunk or Suitcase

Happy Sunday!!! I have a little secrete. I love old vintage trunks and suitcases. They are timeless and can be so much more than a mothball smelling attic period piece! Inventing new ways to make these come back to life is such a fun challenge to me! So, I looked online and found very interesting ways that people are now using trunks and suitcases.

Simple end table

Wall-Mounted Shelving.

I think this is a fresh concept. If I ever get enough suitcases maybe I will try this.

Rolling Bar Cart

Another interesting idea. What do you guys think? Should I try this?

Coffee Table

This looks like a table with loads of storage to me.


I think this is my favorite. Plus it can still be snapped shut if your workspace gets too messy. :)

I hope you guys liked my top 5 list of repurposing old trunks and suitcases.

Let me know down below which one was your favorite.

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