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To Brunch, or Not to Brunch: that is the Question

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Hey Guys! Summer is right around the corner, and it's time to turn up! (for brunches anyway) In my circle, brunch is the most important meal of the week. It's the most social and celebrated dinning time of the summer. Let us go on a journey through a few of my favorite brunches from last year..

There are six things that every person needs to host a brunch: 1. A Large serving porcelain tray 2. Fancy wine/champagne glasses 3. Two-tier tray 4. A long white porcelain tray 5. Flat wooden cutting boards- none of which you have cut meat on. 5. Cloth napkins 6 Fresh Flowers.

I've given each brunch a title. Just a little something to get inspired by.

Check it out!

"Simply for two" Brunch #1

"The Brunch of Color" Brunch #2

Fresh flowers, please!

Neiman Marcus serving set... Such a wonderful gift!

Food! Food! Food!

Never forget your cloth napkins! What I like to do at the start of the brunch season is to go to world market and purchase 6 different sets for the season.

"The Pink flower of Love Brunch" Brunch#3

Does life get any better! Fresh Flowers, Copper silverware, have I made it to heaven or

"Joyner Party of three!" Brunch#4

Don't ask about the drinks. Just my idea of pretty. :)

Fruit can stand alone...

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Let the summer brunches begin!

See you in the next one.............


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