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Christmas Wreath. $80 or $16? You Decide! DIY #4

The holidays are here, so on your mark get set, decorate! We all love a pretty fresh new Christmas wreath, but who wants to pay upwards of $80 for it. Don't stress guys, I promise I have the best solution for that. Just follow this simple DIY journey. Jump on the magic school bus and let's take a ride.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store" my favorite Christmas song. What's your favorite Christmas movie and song? If my mom asks my favorite Christmas movie is one with Charlie Brown, but actually, it's the first 'Home Alone.'

Supplies 2- Packs of garland - $8 (Micheal) 8- Pack of Plastic clothing hangers $1( Dollar Tree) 25- Zip ties $1 ( Dollar Tree) 1- Electric Tape $1 ( Dollar Tree) 1-Pack of light $2.88 ( Walmart) 1-Roll of Ribbon $1( Dollar Tree) 1-Pack of Christmas balls $1 ( Dollar Tree)

Steps: Step 1: Place all five of your hangers around in a circle with all the corners meeting. (overlapping)

Step 2: With the ends of your hanger overlapping tape the ends together making sure to cover both hangers with tape.

Step 3: Make sure the hangers make a circle form. This is very important for the shape of the wreath.

Step 4: Place about 20 zip ties in the middle of the circle for easy access.

Step 5: Place your garland over the top of the hangers for a good visual look before zipping it down.

Step 6: Start zip tie near the top of each hanger. Each hanger has a top and a bottom.

Suggestion: Place each zip-tie about six inches apart. That way you have a much cleaner look.

The picture above is a great example of the top of the hanger being completed, and the bottom portion still needs to be finished.

Almost finished! I used about twenty-five zip ties.

A nice look at the back. We did such a great work.

Step 7: Remove the extra plastic from the zip ties.

Step 8: Start adding your lights. Please do not stretch your lights out. It will take longer to add them to the wreath.

The lights are in a very nice design right out the box and make it easy to add around the wreath. Another tip is to make sure you are putting each wire into the garland.

Step 9: Adding the lights make the whole wreath flat. Please remember to re-fluff after adding the lights.

Step 10: Add ribbon, turn on the lights while adding the ribbon so you can get a better placement for the ribbon.

Step 11: Add your balls and pine-cones. Step 12: Snap off the ends of the hangers. The easiest ways to do that is by using a little hacksaw or just the force of your hands.

Bow? You decide!

And we are done! "The journey is over" "Get off the magic school bus to the right"..haha The magic is in the savings. So guys when are you getting started? Christmas is coming soon and having the best wreath is most important, right? I hope you guys take the time and try to create a beautiful wreath and let me know how it turns out.

See you in the next one!

Happy Holidays!


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