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Hello Fall! Coffee Table Centerpiece DIY Project

Does Pinterest during the holidays really get your decorating juices flowing? What could be better than looking at a site where everyone is passionate about the same things, Décor, DIY, and Interior Design? Project Time: I wanted something that screamed fall on my coffee table. The table wasn't empty, but I was tired of seeing my fiancé feet propped up on the spot where my beautiful centerpiece should go. I wanted something that was simple but could still be seen from the front door. What to do? What to do? I got it, a Fall centerpiece basket. I think it turned out stunningly!

A Little About Me:

I've always been crafty and both of my parents are crafty. I'm the go-to person for event decor within my family and close friends. They support my vision for interior design and party/event planning and decor. When I'm feeling stressed, I like to be crafty...go to my office and get to work, and it frees my mind. I'm in my own world when crafting.

He doesn't understand the process!

My fiance is totally not into crafts, decor, nor does he understand it. However, when someone praises a DIY project that I’ve done, he smiles from ear to ear. He doesn’t even understand why we have more than one toss pillow on the sofa.....

Materials The total cost of this project was $37. 5-Squash 1-Wirecutter 1-Pumpkin

4- Bunches of greenery 1- Heirloom white spray paint 1- Metallic Spray paint gold

1-wicker Tray 1-Bag of pine cones


1.Wash and dry pumpkins and acorn squashes 2. Prepare cardboard

3.Tape off the top of each pumpkin. It looks better to keep the natural stain of the stem.

4.Spray paint pumpkins and acorn squashes with two coats of spray paint (follow directions on can)

5. Place pumpkins and acorn squash in the basket as desired. Use the greenery to fill in bare spaces. (Optional to use pine cones and cotton to add more filler)

(Optional to use pine cones and cotton to add more filler)

6 .Display for your guests to enjoy.

I hope you all enjoyed my little DIY project. I had a lot of fun creating this beautiful fall centerpiece..


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