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Simple Autumn Decor: Let's Not Invade Our Homes!

I'm not a big fan of holiday invasions. We all know people that pack up everything in the house to make room for the fall or Christmas decor. They change out the pillows, pictures, rugs, table settings, dogs, cats, and friends... haha You are talking about a lot of work! Who has time to do all of that? I can't really give advice on the best way to incorporate fall or Christmas into your home, but I can say let's not make it an invasion.

Don't judge me, but the tray brings a little depth to the sofa.. "And no you may not move it just sit around it"...haha.... I wanted to keep this space very simple with just a small pumpkin and two pine cones. I think it turned out very cohesive and modern.

Simple tables are always best. I wanted a very organic and not very overworked display. Again, my normal table items aren't moved out, instead incorporated.

Large pumpkin anyone! I decided a nice sized staple pumpkin would be great on my coffee table. The texture is very nice, and a conversation starter..( We all know I love a conversation starter) My coffee table was already packed, so one staple piece works great. Again, not invading the space just elevating to interpret the season.

A simple pillow adds warmth to the space.

ALERT! ALERT! Mistake on trunk #1. I totally overcrowded the trunk, invasion anyone. Agree? Two of the four items should be removed. Just make sure you don't make the same mistake.... GOT IT! lol

Simple anyone!.........That's all Folks...

Nicole Curtis and pumpkins what could be better.......

What could be better than purple mums, hay-bells, corn-stock, and a simple pumpkin? Again, just a little simple display and not overly done. What's your favorite outdoor flower color? I love deep shades of purple outside during the fall and summer season. I find the contrast between purple and green to be very beautiful.

Let me know what you guys think. What are your tips for seasonal decorating? How does your fall decor invade your home?

See you guys again soon!


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