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$10 Fall Wreath: DIY#3

Let's talk about fall wreaths! Would you pay $30 or more for a fall or Christmas wreath? I refuse to pay those high prices to fill my home with the holiday spirit. In this blog, I will show you how to create your own wreath for $10 or less.

Materials All items can be found at your local Hobby Lobby.

1. One bunch of Wheat

2. Six Feet of Burlap to make the bow

3. One Wreath

4. Small roll of string

Process The first thing to do is determine your middle. The majority of these wreaths aren't a perfect circle, so it's best to take a minute and decide which side of your wreath should be your top and bottom. I decided to do a very simple wreath because it speaks louder to me than one with a lot of color or fuss. The process I used was to cut down the wheat and place each piece of wheat on each sides of the bow. Also, make sure the angle of the wheat is going with the natural curve of the wreath giving it a clean look and line. ​​

The Truth! The end result is charming and clean, but getting to this point was all sorts of cleanup. First, the wreath sheds like a cat that hasn't been brushed for months. Let's not be dramatic, it only sheds if you try to adjust the roundness of the wreath.... haha The picture above shows the aftermath of a completed wreath. The straws from the cut wheat gets everywhere. Honestly, It wasn't that bad everything was a quick cleanup. Disclaimer: (The more you get to know my personality the more dramatic you will find me to be....) Sorry guys!

The result is perfect! I think the wreath turned out very simple and beautiful. Throughout the rest of the fall season, I will bring you a few more Fall decor projects, so get ready. Guys go and check out Hobby Lobby for all the latest fall decor deals.

Check in again soon.


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