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A Table Reborn: DIY Project

"If you aren't thrifting, you aren't living." Thrifting isn't always about money or the lack of it. There is an excitement looking for the next great treasure, and boy did I find a treasure. "A Table Reborn" will be my first DIY project. I am so excited to bring this nifty little project to you guys, and hopefully encourage you all to start thrifting. Let's start with the backstory, and how we got to this lovely picture below.

On Saturday, I would typically go to at least four thrift stores. It's always challenging to find a friend to go with me. Excuses: It's either because of the early morning Saturday time or the idea of going thrifting altogether. On this particular Saturday, I scraped a friend off the lazy list to hit the stores with me. We started at the goodwill on North Tryon, and if you live in Charlotte, you know exactly where that's located. The first thing I see is this ugly brown table calling my name.

I looked over to my friend and instantly knew, "This is my new coffee table." And with the sound of sarcasm in her voice, she says, "Yea ok." Next, I checked the price and $5, "I'm the winner baby!" .... screaming dramatically... Joking, I'm very easily embarrassed by screaming

Let the makeover begin.

Tools and Equipment: For this project, everything came with the table ( Winning ) except for the Paint Brush and white paint. The other items used are (4) 1/2 wooden-Dowel 1ft long, (12) 1/2 sheet metal screws, (4)Metal Table Leg Angle Top Plate.

The Leg Project: Initially, the legs were very basic.. All four legs holding up all four sides of the table, but I want something different or even modern. I knew from the beginning that the legs would be too long to be considered a coffee table. So, I had to cut the legs down to half and bring them in to make it very modern. Just a warning, moving the table legs inward made the table very difficult to balance. After a lot of shaving the legs down and adjusting I was able to get the legs perfectly balanced. (Unless you touch it and it falls over like paper)... haha...joking

Painting: The painting was the most challenging part and boring. The cork-wood top soaked in most of the paint and the holes took a while to get filled. I had to add at least three coats of paint on the top of the table.

A Plus: The table came with a glass top, so I was able to be creative and add picture underneath the table creating depth in design. I think it came out perfectly...

I hope this DIY Project encourages you guys to go out and experience the local thrift stores, and maybe find your first big treasure. I know it can be a very overwhelming process, but starting with a friend always helps. I hope to see you guys at the local thrift stores, and I want to hear all about your finds.

See you guys soon!


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