Memphis Trip: Beale Street Exclusive

Home Sweet Home

This trip to Memphis was an exceptional one for me. I left Memphis at the age of twenty-two after graduating college, and off into the world I went, but I missed something,.. something that eluded me for years… "The Beale Street Experience." Growing up I never got to experience Beale Street and all its glory, but I wasn't going to miss this chance. Memphis has so many historical sites such as the Civil Right Museum, Elvis Presley Estates, but Beale Street might be the biggest attraction globally. Let's not forget we are #1 in the world for BBQ….. (Just saying)...haha

For many, Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, is on their bucket list. Beale is Tennessee's most-visited attraction, and, according to USA Today's (10) Best, America's most iconic street. With music streaming from every open door, memorials to music legends, and history everywhere you look, the street packs a lot to see and do.

Earlier in the day before I decided to take my first jump into the Beale Streetlife, I had to check it out during daylight. It was just as magical without the lights or people. I knew that night would be a wonderful time.

Experience: It was an absolute delight taking a stroll down Beale Street's neon row. Hearing all the music spilling out of the clubs and restaurants like Rum Boogie Café, B.B. King's Blues Club, Silky O'Sullivan's or the Hard Rock Café was fantastic. It was lovely hearing accents indicating travelers from all over the world – the ultimate reminder that you're walking the street that revolutionized the world's soundtrack. We grab a drink, soak up the sounds and throw a few bucks in the tip jar for the Beale Street Flippers and the night was magical.

I could hear music coming from Rum Boogie Cafe, and my body started to move! Next, we hit the Silky O'Sullivan's open-air courtyard. I had a fantastic gallon-size cocktail served in a bucket.

By the mid-point of my night, we found ourselves around a group of older men covering "Downhome Blues" and boy was it a good time. At this point, I now understand why this is one of the most visited streets in the world, and I'm so happy I finally got the chance to have my Beale Street experience. Beale Street will be my first stop on my next trip home.

"Beale Street ROCKS"

If visiting Beale Street wasn't on your bucket list I think it would be best to add it….